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His Golden Thread

Posted by Bonnie Larson on December 9th, 2016  •  No Comments »

‘Tis you I think of

As I reach toward a true friend,

In this space and time,

We have come to meet, mend,

The fabric of yours and mine,

A tapestry of truth, through the skeins of time.

It cannot be today,

Though God’s will may,

The unknown, we diligently seek,

Though the mysteries, offer a subtle peek.

Weaving God’s golden threads of love and invitation,

Gentle hands express patterns of faith, invocation.

Lovingly weaving Heaven and Earth in all we do,

Many we call, more than a few.

Bright colors of Passion,

A patchwork quilt, every hue of humanity,

Picture perfect vibration of God’s eternal promise,

A healing, mending infusion of His golden thread,

Tender mercy, God sped.

Animating His love, a paradigm,

Rainbow covenant for us, through us, for all those we meet,

Today, tomorrow, all space and time.


By Bonnie Larson

September 11, 2011

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Welcome to Larson Lumber Company

Posted by Bonnie Larson on September 27th, 2013  •  No Comments »

For you, we are grateful!

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Welcome to Our Blog

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Today is a beautiful day!

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